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The Essence Of Marrakech Morocco

Only a few hours from Europe is a place where you will marvel at the sights and sounds of a distant land. Boasting a rich history, exotic adventures, open-air bazaars, and an incredible mix of cultures, Marrakech will inevitably seduce each of your senses in a very poignant way. Along with the spectacular scenery, discerning travelers will be instantly lured by the magic of Marrakech. For centuries, the land of Morocco has been attracting travelers in search of adventure and exotic opportunities. The city of Marrakech lies […]

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Dancing Through History

Through history we have seen many evolutions of dance. Some of these ancient dances and rituals are still practiced today by those who honor their religious or cultural histories while many have sadly been lost throughout the ages. One thing however remains constant. Dance has always played an important role in the societies, great and small, of the world. Dating back to the beginning of recorded history dancing has been a vital part of society. Dance was involved in celebrations and preparations for war. Dance was part […]

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All The Amazing Facts About Indian Belly Dancing Men

When one conjures up the images of belly dancing it is most commonly female Indian belly dancers that saturate the visions in the mind however there is little known about Indian belly dancing men or the fact that they even exist. Indian belly dancing men do exist in fact and there are still many of modern day male dancers that exist in all areas of the globe from the Americas to Turkey and Egypt. The practice of men belly dancing has been going on for hundred of […]

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