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The Amazing Origin of Belly Dancing

The origin of belly dancing has been an issue that has been long debated by professionals because there is no clear answer to where the origin of belly dancing actually was born. Some professionals such as anthropologists believe that perhaps it was Egypt as there is evidence indicating this by the carvings left that seem to indicate the same movements and pictures that would be similar to belly dancing. Others believe that it originated from the Middle East and even Africa and there is significant evidence left […]

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Fitness Through Belly Dancing

Children and adults, both are involved in belly dancing in the western countries. This is a very popular way to value the curves of the body and improve them in a better way. As per the needs of the individuals various belly dance classes are set up. The levels are defined as beginners, transitional and complex level. One has to choose the class on the basis of his/her talent and level. In the earlier times belly dancing was taught to the ladies of the Middle East in […]

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